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The Tao of Laoo

I spent a long time writing The Tao of Laoo and hope that people will like it. 

Here's the summary: 

We live in challenging times. People have problems. The world has problems. Some inanimate objects have problems(even if they don't know about it).

Thankfully for humanity and the world in general Mr Laoo is around to resolve every problem, answer any question and to help people understand the meaning of life. 

Get ready for a journey towards enlightenment with Mr Laoo and his less intelligent cow companion as Mr Laoo shares his insights via powerful quotes. 

Mr Laoo then demonstrates how his wisdom works in the real world, responding to readers’ problems as an agony uncle. 

Finally you’ll get the chance to see if you have truly connected with Mr Laoo’s teachings through the personality test: “How Much Like Mr Laoo are You?”. 

Mr Laoo is a travelling sage who is not tied to any particular country. He is therefore not a native English speaker. I feel this makes him seem more deep and mysterious. It also helps with the many word-plays in the book! 

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The Tao of Laoo: Welcome
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